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About WDDB

Core cutting services play a crucial role in various industries, from construction and engineering to materials analysis and research. These services involve the precise removal of core samples from materials such as concrete, masonry, metals, and more.

Whether for creating openings in structures, conducting material analysis, or gaining insights into complex subjects, core cutting services are indispensable tools that contribute to progress and innovation.

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Core Cutting

Core cutting services typically refer to the process of cutting or drilling through various types of materials.


Roof Cutting

Roof cutting services involve the process of cutting openings, holes, or sections in a roof structure for various purposes.


Wire Saw Cutting

Wire saw cutting is a specialized cutting technique used to slice through various types of materials, particularly those that are thick.


Wall Saw Cutting

Wall saw cutting is a specialized technique used to make precise and controlled cuts in vertical or horizontal surfaces.


Slab Cutting

Slab cutting, also known as concrete slab sawing or flat sawing, is a technique used to cut through horizontal surfaces.



Demolition is the process of intentionally dismantling, destroying, or removing structures, buildings.


Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is a construction and demolition process used to remove or shape sections of concrete structures or pavement.


Slab Scanning

Slab scanning, often referred to as concrete slab scanning or ground penetrating radar (GPR) scanning, is a non-destructive.


Controlled Demolition

Controlled demolition, also known as a controlled building implosion or simply implosion, is a method of safely and precisely bringing down a building.


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